Eco-Friendly Water Filter

Quick Overview

Material: Clay Product Type: Utility Use: Utility Style: Antique Imitation Theme: Other Regional Feature: India Place of Origin: Gujarat, India Brand Name: Mitticool Material used: Terracotta clay Eco-Friendly Water Filter Product Keyword: Eco-friendly water filter


Advantages: Filters germs and bacterias of 0.9 micron sized in water which is harmful to body. Along with clean and hygienic water, you get to have cold water which is because of the natural clay. Unique and innovative design Painting or design can be customized. Protects you from many harmful and water related diseases. Laboratory tested. Won many national and international recognitions. HOW TO USE: This Mittiool water filter has two chambers. You have to fill water in the upper chamber. It can take 10 litres of water. The filtered water will automatically flow to the lower chamber. You can use the tap for disposal of drinking water. This filter cleans 2ltrs of water in 1 hr. ideally; you can fill the upper chamber at night and have the filtered water ready for use in the morning. SKU: MMUMITTIC000004