Smart Cooker

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Material: Clay Product Type: Utility Use: Utility Style: Antique Imitation Theme: Other Regional Feature: India Place of Origin: Gujarat, India Brand Name: Mitticool Material used: Terracotta clay Product Name: Mitticool cooker Product Keyword: smart cooker


Advantages: It gives natural taste to the food. The pressure in it is only that much what is required, more pressure breaks the food making the food nutrition-less. Unlike Aluminium cooker, it is hygienic and natural. How to use: 1) Before you start cooking in the cooker pan, fill the pan with water or buttermilk for 2 days, which gives the pan better strength. You can serve that water or buttermilk with the meal. 2) After you wash do not straight way put the cooker on the stove. Allow it to dry for a while. 3) While you wash, soak the cooker in boiled water for about an hour to retain its strength and then use sponge to clear stains. 4) It is advised to check the lid is properly tight before use. Washing Method After emptying the pressure cooker of the food, please fill it with water and keep the water standing in it, for 10 minutes. Use soft sponge or soft brush to clean it. NOTE : SOAK THE COOKER INTO NORMAL WATER FOR 48 HOURS AND ALLOW DRYING FOR 24 HOURS TO INCREASE THE DURABILITY OF CLAY TO ENJOY BEST RESULTS. SKU: MMUMITTIC000002
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